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What is car upholstery repair?

Car upholstery repair specialists work on restoring and repairing everything in your car interior from flooring and headrests, to leather steering wheels and roof linings.

If there have been spillages, cigarette burns or faded marks in your car due to sun rays, car upholstery repairs are the best option to help your car to keep it's value.

Car seat repairs are another common type of upholstery repair. Sometimes some car seats have been through on-the-surface damage, such as scratches and scuff marks. Or maybe there have been spillages, cigarette burns or fading due to sun rays. Whatever the issue, car leather seat repairs are ideal for getting your car seats looking good as new. Some common types of car seat repairs include:

  • Leather car seat repairs

  • Fabric car seat repairs

  • Car seat scuff and tear repairs

Car upholstery repairs average costs and prices

The cost of a car upholstery repair can vary widely depending on the type of repair you need, the extent of damage, and the time it will take for the specialist to carry out the repair. Take a look below at the average quote on WhoCanFixMyCar for some of the top car makes.

Car MakeAverage Price
Land Rover£50.00

  • Upholstery repair

    The average cost of an upholstery repair booked on is £127.62.

    Restoring or repairing the upholstery of your car's seats is a simple fix that should take less than an hour. The exact cost of upholstery repair depends on the size of the damage and the material of your seats.

    Can include
    • Upholstery repair
    • Leather repair
  • Seat belt repair

    The average cost of a seatbelt repair booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £135.40.

    Seatbelts must be working properly to allow you to drive safely and legally. Faulty seatbelts result in an immediate MOT failure and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

    Can include
    • Seatbelt inspection and testing
    • Seatbelt repair
  • Window tinting

    The average cost of window tinting booked on WhoCanFixMyCar is £150.67.

    Car window tinting involves a specialist technician applying a tinted film on to a window glass surface. The gradient of tint can be chosen by the driver, and can help to preserve the interior of the car from harmful UV rays.

    Can include
    • Assessment
    • Window tinting procedure

Which upholstery repair service do you need?

Car seat repairs

Car seats go through all types of wear and tear over the years. Spillages, fading, cigarette burns, rips are just a few problems that car seats can face. If your car seat material is looking old or worn, a professional found on our website can provide you with a fast and dependable service at a fair price.

Headrest repairs

If you need a headrest repair, then an upholstery repair specialist can find a good match with the original cloth seats, or can provide a wide range of leather materials and stitching patterns to achieve to get your headrest looking great again. 

Steering wheel repairs

A car upholstery repair specialist can have your steering wheel fabric or leather looking as good as it did when it left the factory floor. If you notice that the steering wheel is looking worse for wear, then you may book a steering wheel repair. It does take a few hours to do, as it is intricate work, requiring specialist tools, so expect to reserve a few hours for this type of work. 

Car roof lining repairs

A car roof or ceiling liner, also referred to as a headliner, is the material that covers your car's roof. After some time, and especially on aged cars, you might notice that your car roof liner starts to sag. This is normally due to age, heat or excess humidity. A car upholstery repair can take care of your car roof lining, and replace or repair it for you. 

Car carpets repair or replacement

If the carpet in your car is ripped or severely damaged, you will possibly consider having it repaired or replaced. A car carpets repair comes under car upholstery repairs, so when searching for a service provider, describe the problem and you will receive a quote for your carpet repair. 

Top signs your car seat needs repairing

Here are some common warning signs that your car seats need repairing:

  • Burn holes from cigarettes

  • Rips or tears

  • Sagging cushion

  • Cracked leather 

  • Stains in the fabric 

  • Dirt that won’t shift

  • Scratched car seats

  • Scuff marks 

If these issues are affecting your car seat, then you can consider consulting a car upholstery repair service provider to get an accurate quote for the work.  

Are car seat repairs or car upholstery repairs necessary?

Although it is not absolutely necessary to fix and repair or replace car seat damages to fabric or have a car upholstery repair, it’s still a good idea to have a pristine interior for your car. Many people take pride in having their car detailed, add modification for aesthetic reasons and this comes as part of that. Keeping your car interior in tip top shape, will help to also retain the value of your car. 

Find local car seat repair specialists and car upholstery repair services

When it comes to choosing the right car interior repair specialist there are a number of choices depending on the repair you need and the work it requires. We have a number of trusted car upholstery repair specialists that can book your car in for a repair at a local garage near you. This will help avoid costly charges, should you leave it alone and prevent needing to replace it eventually, as well as helping your car retain it's value. Here at help of WhoCanFixMyCar we make the process of finding a car upholstery specialist simple for you. 

Get your car seat repair carried out from home

You can find mobile car seats or car upholstery repairs that can do smaller jobs from your drive. They will come out to you with their specialist equipment and complete the job as you continue with your day. 

Some car upholstery work can be more demanding and time-consuming. It might need car upholstery specialists to match various fabrics, colours and stitching. They may be able to offer a pick-up and drop off service. Whatever your preference, you can find a suitable car upholstery repair service via our website.

What kind of work do car upholstery repair specialists cover?

Car upholstery repair specialists work on restoring and repairing following:

  • Car seats

  • Headrests

  • Hand stitched leather steering wheels

  • Roof linings

  • Carpets

Can I replace car seat upholstery myself?

If you are not too concerned about the repair looking factory-new, then there’s a chance you might be able to add some matching material to cover tears. However, complete reupholstery of your car seat involves the removal of the seats from the car, disassembly of the seat mechanism and removal of the old upholstery. It is better to have a car upholstery specialist take a look and provide a quote. 

How much does it cost to have my car seats upholstered?

It depends on the number of car seats you need to repair, and the material they are covered in. Leather upholstery will almost certainly cost more than fabric or vinyl upholstery. To get an accurate quote, simply insert your car registration and a little information about what work is needed.

What affects the price of car upholstery repairs?

Your car upholstery repair price can vary depending on the following factors:

  • The make and model of your car

  • The size of the car or the size of the amount of damage that needs to be repaired

  • Where you choose to go for the repair of the upholstery

Are car upholstery repairs covered under warranty?

As car upholstery damage is considered as wear-and-tear, it will not be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

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