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Book an initial inspection/diagnosis with a local Authorised RAC Warranty Repairer so we can help you with your claim. Please be aware that there may be costs for you to pay, in line with your warranty terms and conditions*
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If you have a Platinum Plus warranty, in the event of a valid repair request we will pay up to £50 (including VAT) or 1 hour, whichever is the lower value, for diagnosis of the vehicle failure. For all other warranty (Platinum, Gold and Silver) we do not cover diagnostic/investigation costs. If your vehicle needs to be dismantled, you will need to pay for the dismantling of the vehicle so that we can check if the problem is included in the plan. If it is, we will also refund the dismantling costs in line with Autodata. This is not an exclusive list of where costs may apply so please refer to your terms and conditions for full details. Costs can vary between garages. You may want to check pricing before you proceed.